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BOSS – Build Ownership to Succeed & Sustain
A story of fusion of Karma into Professionalism

The term ownership is used to recklessly play the blame-game when situations go out of control. Many preach ownership without practicing it or even knowing the depth of this simple word. On the other hand, over a period people have learnt so much that they start thinking and solving problems in a complex manner. We shall reach nowhere if our metal models are not correct and grasped well. The overall situation has resulted in confused leadership and directionless, puzzled work force.

In this crazy world, people are busy investing their efforts into claiming their success, by showcasing their achievements in tangible terms. On the other hand, millions of employers are struggling with their operational issues for survival.

Is there something that can channelize the efforts towards the worthy goals of people, organizations and the society? This re-orientation can occur only after understanding the true meaning of ‘Ownership’; and if leaders in particular and people in general carry simple mental models to tackle their day-to-day issues.

This book is based on a story line which provides the required grip to the readers to understand the phenomenon called professionalism combined with Karma, while passing through the real life situations of the organizations.